“Precision in grape growing and wine making”
“Precision in grape growing
and wine making”


Our winery is located in the heart of Luján de Cuyo, precisely in the district of Las Compuertas. This is one of the regions with rich tradition and antiquity for the production of high-quality wines in Argentina.  From here, the first Malbec of Argentina were made. This micro region is in the processes of reassessing the value of its prized centennial vines.


Our wines reflect the right balance between tradition and innovation – artisanal selection of grapes, manual pumping over, pisonage, native yeasts, temperature control, peculiar hot and cold macerations, hydraulic presses, steel tanks, concrete and terracotta containers – where they coexist ancient techniques with modern technologies.

Our own winery at Finca Victoria:

In its own facilities, there is currently a first winery warehouse, inaugurated on March 4, 2021. This first module has a production capacity of 196,500 liters and will soon be joined by a second module currently under construction (the main building) to create a small family winery with a final capacity of 450,000 liters.


The building, built entirely out of concrete, is raised up on 12 discreet pillars, a simple minimalist frame that reflects the silent process by which grapes are turned into wine.


The current structure of almost 257 m2, has 17 modest double-walled concrete pools, 3 cement eggs without epoxy of 3300 liters each, 10 terracotta amphorae (4 units of 1000 liters, 2 units of 500 liters. 2 units of 225 liters and 2 units of 200 liters), in addition to 4 roll fermenters of 600 liters of French oak, ideal for micro vinification of premium wines.


The equipment is completed with a pneumatic press, destemmer and high-precision optical sorter.


We are in full expansion of the winery to continue growing, adding precision technology and providing better experiences for those who visit us.

epoxy-free concrete pools
cement eggs without epoxy
terracotta amphoras
roll fermentor