“We are inspired and moved
by the love for our land”
“We are inspired
and moved by
the love for our land”


With winemaking knowledge and applied technology, they add to the constant search of the expression of origin. This is what motivates us to explore the land, interpret the local character and make high quality wines.

We hope to build a legacy with the spirit of a family winery, respecting the place as part of our personal history and within the natural system of the vine.


"Our work is reinforced by essential values that help us overcome each day"


for the origin and the place from which we come, at the base of the Andes, these lands that provide us the components that later transform into unique wine.


without passion, there is no life, no wine.  This is what characterizes our team that leads this process.


with oneself, in a personal challenge to give the best each day, with the environment, caring for what the land provides with the people, those that form part of this family and that enjoy our wines each day in Argentina and in the world.


focused on the details to obtain an integral product, noble, and cared for throughout the process of production and commercial stages.


highlighting the distinctive qualities of an old vine, of the winemaking style and of the delicately balanced mix between tradition and innovation.


for continuous learning and innovation in perfect balance with the preservation of traditions.


Durigutti Family Winemakers collaborates with different actions of solidarity.  The social responsibility as a business forms part of our work ethic.

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