Durigutti Family Winemakers
is a project
to make the
wines we enjoy.
Our land provides
the essential components
and our challenge is to
interpret these to transform
them into wines of
excellent quality.

On March 21 and 22, customers of the wine cellars Soil and Winemakers respectively enjoyed wines and talks for wine enthusiasts. With the presence of our winemaker, Pablo Durigutti, Proyecto Las Compuertas was presented to continue discovering the new brands of the winery in the neighborhoods of Palermo and Barrio Norte.

As part of his annual wine report, the specialized journalist Tim Atkin, awarded our recent launch to the market, Proyecto Las Compuertas, with excellent scores. The Cordisco 2017 with 92 points and the Malbec Cinco Suelos 2016 with 94 points confirm that this path chosen by Héctor and Pablo Durigutti to express the potential of this origin will bring great satisfaction.

More than 40 Master of Wine representatives from different markets (United States, UK, Canad and other European and Asian countries) visited Mendoza and other producing regions to appreciate the present and future of Argentine wine. Among the outstanding activities our Cordisco and Malbec Cinco Suelos of Proyecto Las Compuertas had participated with excellent results in the technical seminars focused on diversity and expression of emblematic Malbec from the first zone, Luján de Cuyo. As part of the activities of the micro region Las Compuertas, next to Vistalba, we organized a small fair of producers with selected wines from these areas. This was an opportunity to establish rounds and mini clinics of the wines representing this origin and our winery with Proyecto Las Compuertas, Carmela and Victoria.

In its 16th edition, from January 26 to 27, Durigutti was present at the expected event of the season organized at the Conrad Hotel, “Salón del Vino Punta del Este”. With special high-end selections, wines from Carmela, HD, Project Las Compuertas and Reserva, Gran Reserva, Familia and Victoria integrated the table of these exclusive tastings in Uruguay.

November gave birth to new wines, presenting a work of exploration and soil work that was done years ago, from the origins of his winery. These studies, focused on this line Proyecto Las Compuertas, intend to deepen and discover all the nuances of the different profiles of this origin. The first four copies are released to the market, which stand out with a complementary look to the traditional style of the firm. Criolla Parral 2017, from a small neighbor and centenary vineyard in honor of the typical village wines; Cordisco 2017, curious variety as wine of the year in this experimentation process; Malbec 5 Soils 2016, result of the diverse expression of the same farm, with 5 profiles of soils where the grapes come from; and Malbec 1914 vintage 2015 which, as the name implies, refers to the value of vineyards with a truly ancient genetic root. Altogether, the result of all this is Proyecto Las Compuertas, the new line that returns to talk about a great work of interpreting the terroir by the Durigutti brothers.