I identify with the American school following the line of wines with new world style. I integrated oenological equipment in different wineries of great trajectory and prestige in Argentina until we started our family project in 2002 together with my brother Héctor. My goal is to develop expressive wines with high quality capable of competing with the most prestigious of the old and new world.



I was born in Rivadavia, Mendoza, Argentina.

1996 – 2008

After graduating from high school as a Chemical Industrial Technician I continued my tertiary career in Mendoza as Superior and Technical Engineer in Fruit and Vegetable Industries and I studied the Degree in Oenology at the Don Bosco School, dependent on the Catholic University of Cuyo. Since then I trained in various courses related to the industry.


I started my experience as a laboratory technician in Gancia and different roles in plant, fractioning, laboratory and production in Vita Sur Tecnovin do Brasil; as well as coordinating processes of elaboration, process control and quality for Chandon Argentina.


I worked as First Winemaker of Bodega Santa Jimena together with Mariano Di Paola for La Rural Viñedos y Bodegas, as well as Head of Laboratory for the firm, with special focus on the management of high-end wines.


The family project was born together with my brother Héctor, the first steps of Durigutti in the market until we acquired our winery in Las Compuertas together with the Lamadrid project and later several own vineyards.


I advised the enological area of Bodega Banfi in his harvest that year.


I developed consultancies and led projects as Senior Enologist for several Argentine wineries such as Furlotti, Sur Bodegas y Viñedos, Ditsch Helmut, Lamadrid, Brennan Firth, Rio Dulce and Kerana, continuing relationships until today.


We advance together with Héctor in new challenges for Argentina and the world, with anchor in Las Compuertas and Galicia.