I trained myself enologically with the European school adding other modern practices to the orthodox traditions. For years I was in charge of several projects in Argentina and Italy, until in 2002 I decided to start my dream, to elaborate high quality wines with my brother Pablo. My vision is to achieve a range of soil expressions and microclimates in our wines.



I was born in Rivadavia, Mendoza, Argentina.

1983 – 2008:

I started my winemaking training at the Don Bosco Wine School up to the tertiary level and there I completed my degree program as a Bachelor of Oenology.

1986 – 1988:

I started my work experience at Bodegas Titarelli.

1989 – 1995:

I made wines in Chile for Bodegas Gancia (Le Vignoble, Cepas Argentinas).

1996 – 2004:

I worked in the wine department of several wineries: Cooperativa Nacari La Rioja, Tecnovin do Brasil (Vento Goncalves) and Alto Las Hormigas.

2002 – 2006:

I participated actively in various oenological consultancies for multiple wineries from the Matura Group, including Cinco Tierras, Renacer, Melipal, San Polo, Montequieto, Domitian of Barranca, Ave, Speri, Andalue, Don Martino Farms, Lost Valley, Sierra de la Ventana, Lieberman, La Giolina, Lamadrid and Fincas del Campo.


I incubated with my brother Pablo a new stage building our own project, this is how our family company Durigutti was born.


With the help of Guillermo García Lamadrid, the winery that houses in Las Compuertas, Mendoza, the wines of Durigutti and Lamadrid is born.

2015 – 2017:

The first steps of another vitivinicultural project with Pablo, Proyecto Galicia, appear.