In a small corner of Ribeiro, Galicia, Héctor and Pablo Durigutti’s new dream becomes a reality. There, they started their journey as foreign oenologists exploring the village of As Bouzas, Castrelo de Miño (Ourense) in 2014, tasting their wines and absorbing the philosophy of the place. In 2016, amazed by the potential of the vineyards, they bought their first lands and an old stone house built in 1836, which once was a family-owned winery. They harvested for the first time in 2017, and they also began the process of restoring and rebuilding the small house so that it would become the new winery: Castrelo Das Pedras 1836.

In 2017 this original vision of the Durigutti brothers expanded with the addition of Italian oenologist Attilio Pagli, with whom Héctor had worked and shared many experiences, as well as local entrepreneur and vine-grower Francisco Cernadas –both becoming key pieces in the realization of this enterprise.