Durigutti Family Winemakers
is a project
to make the
wines we enjoy.
Our land provides
the essential components
and our challenge is to
interpret these to transform
them into wines of
excellent quality.

From Virginia, USA, Durigutti and Mendoza was the scene of one of the technical and academic visits that the study groups of the homonymous University carry out in different parts of the world. For a week we have them, applying knowledge, study tasks, exchanging visions and generating rich contributions in the business field.

In its 16th edition, from January 26 to 27, Durigutti was present at the expected event of the season organized at the Conrad Hotel, “Salón del Vino Punta del Este”. With special high-end selections, wines from Carmela, HD, Project Las Compuertas and Reserva, Gran Reserva, Familia and Victoria integrated the table of these exclusive tastings in Uruguay.